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Internal Oculus Beta Channel
(HTC VIVE/PSVR Coming soon)

Beta web browser based platform with all the social functionality linked to the VR platform

All Preview Videos of the Beta VIBEHub VR platform, including actual in app footage

Platform Features:

The World's First Crypto Based Virtual / Augmented Reality Marketplace & Hub

Trusted Blockchain Technology

A Global Cryptocurrency based on Ethereum (ERC20 Compliant), used for micro transactions on the VIBEHub platform.

An Alternate

Providing artists and educators the platform to reach millions of viewers, in one stream in VR.

Monetizing In A Virtual World

Using volumetric video and other virtual assets to monetize content in VR and AR technology for the first time.

Giving You A Voice
Amongst The Masses

Exposure in unique marketplaces and hubs, don't compete with hundreds of other unrelated tags and topics.

One Stop Shop

From Music to Education, Gaming, and Dating marketplaces...Just to name a few...All from one platform with one currency.

Paying Publishers

You keep all proceeds from your own user generated content. We also have revenue sharing opportunities for collaboration content that we produce.

and Secure

Our software is constantly monitored and tested to provide a safe and secure experience.

No Middle Man,
No Fees

Hybrid combination of Blockchain and off Blockchain solutions to facilitate micro transactions. No gas. Instant transactions.

More Immersive
Social Experience

Express your creativity in a virtual world and share the experiences with other users around the world.

Hardware & Software Partners

News & Updates

Latest news and updates from the VIBEHub team.

Listing Exchanges


  1. Q1 2017Begin development of VIBEHub application
  2. Q2 2017Release beta and youtube channel
  3. Q2-Q3 2017Token sale
  4. Q3 2017Listed on exchanges
  5. Q3 2017Established Monster Technology partnership
  6. Q4 2017Secured capture facility for initial performances
  1. Q4 2017Capture first volumetric performance
  2. Q1 2018Integrate our off-chain solution for micro-transactions
  3. Q1-Q2 2018First of many VR performances live on beta platform using the VIBE currency
  4. Q3 2018In-house production facility completed to produce custom holograms for VR/AR applications
  5. Q3 2018Beta Testing AR apps using existing content & Beta test user created content marketplace
  6. Q4 2018Release to all VR/AR hardware platforms

The people that make it all possible...

VIBEHub Team

Alessio Mack

Co-Founder, Futurist & Tech Guru

Matthew Myers

Co-Founder, Crypto Expert & Musician

Fred Bender

VR / AR Reality Senior Developer


Advisor & Co-Founder of LIVETOURLAB


Advisor & Co-Founder of LIVETOURLAB

Renee Isaac

Quality Assurance Lead

Sean Lundrigan

Cryptomarket Analyst

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) How is the VIBE currency used on the VIBEHub application?
A) In order to watch concerts, partake in education seminars and workshops, attend meet & greets and go on Virtual Dates, You must pay in the VIBE currency to attend these events and social activities. VIBE can also be used to purchase digital assets, and vote on the platform as well.

Q) Is VIBEHub a Virtual Reality application?
A) Yes, VIBEHub is a Virtual Reality application. You will be able to attend concerts, education seminars, play games and go on virtual dates all in VR on the VIBEHub application. VIBEHub will also focus on AR (Augmented Reality) as well, and will be available as those device become mainstream. You will also be able to access the platform without a VR or AR device, in a less immersive experience through modern browsers, Allowing everyone to participate.

Q) What is Volumetric Video (Holoportation Technology)?
A) What makes VIBEHub truly unique is that we are capturing performances and streams using Volumetric videos. This technology allows us to capture a hologram image of a performer or teacher in a live setting and place that performance or lesson in our own custom VIBEHub VR environments. This will create a one of a kind immersive VR experience that the world has yet to see.

Q) Which exchanges are you listed on? Do you plan on getting listed to more?
A) VIBE is currently trading on HitBTC and Etherdelta. Of course, getting listed on more exchanges in the future is important and something our team is always working on.

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